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Bob Wilders -

Songwriter/singer Bob Wilders started writing songs not long after learning to play the guitar at the age of 13 in Hawaii where he grew up. And though in a sort of 'exile' in the islands, he was still influenced by all the music happening on the mainland, from the Beatles and Stones to The Byrds and John Prine. His songs, which number at least a thousand, show the diversity of these influences and range from blues to country to folk to rock to soul and more. His first two albums were rooted in Americana (folk, blues, country) and were predominately acoustic guitar. For his third release he decided to explore his many rock influences from blues to reggae to old school rock and roll. You could call this "Americana Rock" or just "good old school rock and roll". He currently has been releasing singles on a regular basis recorded in his home recording studio. As a solo artist he has played in various venues from New Jersey to New Orleans to Austin. He was born in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania and raised in Hawaii on the island of Oahu, where he also studied the martial art of aikido, acquiring a San-dan (third degree black belt).