The Late Bobby Darin Blues

(Bob Wilders)
Copyright (C) 2001 R.A.Wilders


You can be whoever it is you want to be.

You can see what ever it is you want to see.

Don't sing no songs if you can't pay your dues.

Just go on a-singing those Bobby Darin blues.


Now Bobby was a singer, he sang all over the land.

He traveled 'round in a bus for all those one night stands.

He even wrote a song I could sympathize with.

When he performed, well he performed, he always gave his best.

(repeat chorus)

Now Bobby could bare his soul like only a few of 'em can.

And for awhile, just awhile, he wouldn't conform to the man.

He even dropped out for awhile no one could understand.

But he came back 'cause he had the itch to perform with a band.

(repeat chorus)

Now Bobby was an actor and he was pretty good.

Why he never won an Oscar, I've never understood.

It couldn't have been because he had Gidget for a wife.

Well it didn't matter 'cause music was his life.

(repeat chorus)

Now Bobby not with us now he's gone to entertain in the sky.

With a lot of folks we could all identify with.

And I can't help thinking 'bout the way that he went down.

Just singin' his song, gettin' along, goin' from town to town. And he said...

(repeat chorus)


Copyright (C) 2001 Bob Wilders (ASCAP)