(Bob Wilders)
Copyright (C) 2001 R.A.Wilders


Somebody loses whenever somebody wins.

Somebody wins whenever somebody loses.

Nobody wins when everyone's lost.

Losing ain't nothin' but nothin's a lot.


Crapshooters shootin' their shots.

Crapshooters the have and have nots.

Pick you a number and hope you don't lose.

Crapshootin' will give you the blues.


When I was a youth I played the high ball.

I never noticed the writing on the wall.

Shot me some crap and I lost it all.

For a nickel and dime I'd forsake it all.

(repeat chorus)

Whenever you play the rolling dice game.

The game will roll you whenever you play.

Don't spend all your money trying to get rich.

You gotta go home to your wife and your wife's such a bitch.

(repeat chorus)


Copyright (C) 2001 Bob Wilders (ASCAP)