Carlos and Elayne

(Bob Wilders)
Copyright (C) 2001 R.A.Wilders


Like a roller coaster, like a giant see saw.

Like a match suddenly stricken or a scab scratched raw.

An emotional up and down, a pendulum on the swing.

A sudden burst of anger, hear the punchin' ring.


He's such a happy guy, pleasure to be around.

And she's very funny, with her feet firmly on the ground.

And he seems to love her after all he gave her his last name.

And she speaks fondly of their courtship even though it's no longer the same.


So tell me are your tears lost in the rain.

Are all of your happy years just trickling down the drain.

Can you feel the pain? Of Carlos and Elayne.


Who knows what set him off, was it something someone said?

What put the anger there? What put it in his head?

Was it something she did? Most doubtedly not.

No, nobody deserves the abuse or the beating she got.


They say he's just a Greenhorn. That's nether here nor there.

She was once his sparkling bride, they made such a lovely pair.

But now he has his mood swings and his brain's a mixed up stew.

And she's traded in her mascara for eyes of black and blue.

(repeat chorus)

The cops came by last night and they took him away.

And she's sworn out a court order and gone home to stay.

But she'll probably just forget it, go on back home to her man.

Even though in the end she'll meet up again with the back of his hand.

(repeat chorus)


Copyright (C) 2001 Bob Wilders (ASCAP)