Blow, Canadian, Blow

(Bob Wilders)
Copyright (C) 2001 R.A.Wilders


Blow, Canadian, Blow.

Your winds are heavy Your chains set free

Blow, Canadian, Blow.


It was in British Colombia many years ago.

That I met the woman that upset me so.

She was cute and so pretty, she moved like a deer.

I never thought I'd have reason to fear.

She hooked me.

She caught me.

She reeled me right in.

As she left me there stranded I heard her sing.

(repeat chorus)

It was at Fort Langly on the Fraser River.

Where the cold cuts so deep your bones always shiver.

We walked hand in hand, so much in love.

In the morning she was gone like the last lonely dove.

She spread her wings open wide.

And gently took flight.

Leaving nothing to hide.

Singing into the night.

(repeat chorus)

I searched from the Pacific Ocean to Baffin Bay.

From the Arctic Ocean to the US of A.

And all the places we'd haunted I looked around.

All the old friends I asked said she was nowhere to be found.

She was gone like the wind.

Like a ghost in the day.

I know I'll never find her.

So all I can say is....

(repeat chorus)


Copyright (C) 2001 Bob Wilders (ASCAP)