Ballad of the Townsend Cromwell

(Bob Wilders)
Copyright (C) 2001 R.A.Wilders


A ship is sailing on the water it's as white as white can be.

From Seattle to Honolulu it sails most any sea.

And the Captain he is a Navy man and the officers they are too.

The rest are all civil servants and there you have the crew.


And Daddy's sailing on his ship To where the Lord can only tell.

When he gets back we'll all come on board. The good ship Townsend Cromwell


They dock down at the basin and the men tie up the lines.

The custom men inspect the cargo don't want to have to pay no fines.

And that crazy Filipino is stoned on grass again.

 Looks like they'll have to fire him, it's a shame and it's a sin.

 (repeat chorus)

 They'll pull into Tahiti with all them Tahitian girls.

They'll arm wrestle the Tahitian boxers nobody puts on any frills.

And on to Kwajellan and to Guam and on to Pitcairan too.

They won't be back for six long months before their trip is through.

 (repeat chorus)


Copyright (C) 2001 Bob Wilders (ASCAP)